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We Love Art & We Love Yours

We are committed to supporting art in a meaningful way, and our curators believe your artworks have a strong potential for sale across the Middle East leveraging the We Love Art brand and Fine Art market with blockchain technology.

Promote Your Art

We will market your art for free giving insights into your practice via photos, videos and news

Expand Your Art

Once listed, we automatically mint for free NFT & enable additional Limited Edition Prints to be sold

Sell Your Art

You will receive 90% of sale price for Painting & NFTs, and 2.5% of future sales of each NFT

On We Love Art I finally had the opportunity to reach new collectors not only by promoting my practice online but also by easily enriching it on the blockchain. As the Art World keeps growing online, it really offered me a huge opportunity of growth fostering my creativity.




Upload a picture of your art from various angles: you with it, the studio, the painting etc.




Upload a short video to tell us a bit of yourself, how you became an artist, where you find

inspiration, and what is the message of your art. This video gets minted onto the blockchain and coupled with the painting.




Fill the details and submit! Our curators review your submission & once approved, your art is listed for sale, NFT replicas are minted (for free) & the video is put onto the blockchain with each sale.


We Love Art Fine Offers A Safe & Trusted Solution To Create, Sell and Trade NFTs For Both Digital And Physical Artists.
For Physical Artists

Turn your art into limited edition NFTs by digitizing your painting, that will be permanently verified on the Blockchain ensuring you additional future revenues with resales.

For Digital Artists

Transfer your NFT collection on our platform, to sell it along with your artworks and increase its value.

WLA Curation

All artists' work is carefully curated before publishing to the platform, to ensure authenticity, originality and security for our collectors and artists.

List NFT's

Market your original work and its limited edition NFTs and get your art delivered to collectors’ door and secured in their Crypto wallet

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