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Satisfaction Guarantee (RETURN POLICY)

Our physical return policy is very simple


If you’re not happy with a purchase that you made on We Love Art Meta, for any reason, you can formally email us within 3 days of receipt that the purchase is not according to your expectations. At this point the paid amount shall be withheld from the seller. You will then need to return it to the seller within 14 days of the receipt. You will be responsible for the shipping fees back to the Seller. See the Full Return Delivery Policy below for more details.

As soon as the piece arrives back to the original Seller, we’ll issue a refund for the purchase price based on the following two proviso’s 1) if the applicable crypto coin being used for the transaction has reduced in value versus the USD, you will receive the latest USD value of the applicable crypto coin (this is to protect us against speculation as we want to remain a straight Phy-gital Art Market!) 2) that if the applicable crypto coin being used for the transaction has gained in value versus the USD, you will receive back the original quantity of the crypto coin (again, to protect us against speculation…we are an art market, not a crypto coin market!) and 3) you will receive back net USD in the appropriate coin if the transaction was purely in USD.  

Please note – We Love Art Meta does not reimburse the outgoing or return shipping charges you.

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Welcome to We Love Art Meta!   Since it’s your first-time shopping with us, here are a few, fun facts to give you some peace-of-mind regarding your first purchase:

  1. We’re the largest art community in the Middle East – yes, really!   We process thousands of orders per year for buyers just like you.
  2. If you have any questions about your order, you can email us on  .   We’re available 24 hours per day / 7 days per week.   Give it a try!   Call the number right now, and a friendly customer service representative will pick up in less than 15 seconds.
  3. If you’re not happy with your order, for any reason, you can return it to us within 30 days for a refund (see “Satisfaction Guarantee”, above).
  4. >60,000 customers can’t be wrong!

Full Delivery Return Policy

  1. Cancellation of an Order: We can only accept cancellations on an order that has not yet begun being processed.

  1. ALL Sale Items and Paintings Sold Below List Price are Final Sale.
  1. For Works Sold at List Price: We want you to be happy, and We are confident You will love your Purchases. In fact, We know You have absolutely nothing to worry about, because Phygital art is beautiful!  But, just in case, here are the Rules:You, being the person who has bought the item in question from We Love Art Meta (“Purchaser”) have 14 Days to Return the Painting For Store Credit, Provided: (1) Purchaser Follows All Directions Immediately Below, (2) Purchaser Returns The Painting In The Same Condition It Was Received, and (3) We Receive Purchaser’s Return Within 14 Days of Delivery to Purchase

  1. To Qualify For Store Credit, The Following Protocol Must Be Followed by Purchaser:

  • Within 3 days of receiving Your List-price painting, Purchaser Must email hello@weloveartmeta.comwith “URGENT: TITLE of the Work, and YOUR NAME” in the Subject Line. The body of the email should notify Us to expect the return. We have carefully tracked Your package, so We know when you received it.  Purchaser accepts and agrees, that if We Do Not Hear From Purchaser Within 72 Hours of Receipt, the Sale is Final.Notice to Us must be in writing, and delivered, to;
  • Returns need to be professionally packed. We suggest you keep all packaging and wrap the painting back up as carefully as it was wrapped when You received it:  
  • Wrap the painting in glassine paper.
  • Put a corner protector over the glassine paper at each corner.​
  • Wrap the glassine paper wrapped painting in two layers of bubble wrap, with the flat side of the bubble wrap against the painting.
  • Secure the wrapped painting securely between the two foam boards included in the original shipping container.
  • Slip the original paperwork and the sandwiched painting back in the box with the Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Use heavy duty packing tape to encase the packing container and ensure the box is completely free of all openings; and,

Purchaser must make every effort to ensure the Painting Cannot move within the crate or box.In pre-paying all shipping, delivery and fees incident to the safe return of the Painting on a Business Day to the address provided to Purchaser, Purchaser understands and accepts responsibility for (a) Purchasing insurance for the return in the amount of the purchase price of the painting, (b) pre-paying all fees for packaging, arranging and pre-paying fees for “White-Glove Service” via an appropriate Carrier that provides a temperature-controlled environment, shipping to a business between 9am and 4 pm on business days, handling, Customs fees, Duties, Tariffs, VAT, and the like, and (c) Immediately informing Us of the Tracking Number via email  to

  • The Painting Must Be Received by Seller Within FOURTEEN DAYS of the Date Purchaser Received It. Any Unapproved Delay is Considered a Breach of Our Return Policy and Will Result in a Final Sale.
  • Purchaser Understands and Agrees That Seller must receive and inspect the return before issuing a gift certificate and beginning the exchange process.
  • Upon Receiving Purchaser’s Return, and the verification that The Painting is in the Same Condition it was when Received by Purchaser, We will exchange the Painting, or email Purchaser a Gift Certificate, in the amount of the purchase price of the painting minus any out-of-pocket costs incurred by Us on your behalf.

Purchaser understands and agrees that We cannot reimburse initial or subsequent shipping and handling costs, tariffs, VAT, Customs, Duties, and the like.  Therefore, if You have Not prepaid all additional fees on the painting you returned, You understand and agree that We will deduct from Your Gift Certificate the amount of all out-of-pocket costs We incurred on Your behalf.

  • Your gift certificate can be used on any future gallery purchase from us.
  • Purchaser Understands and Agrees That All Shipping and Handling Charges For the Painting(s) Purchased With the Gift Certificate Are The Responsibility of the Purchaser.
  • Purchaser Understands and Agrees That The Gift Certificate is non-transferable. 

  1. Purchaser expressly understands and agrees that We cannot reimburse Your original or return shipping costs. You will pay all customs duties, tariffs, and other “Taxes,” as herein defined. And We will deduct any of Our out-of-pocket costs from Your Gift Certificate total. 

  1. Purchaser Understands and Agrees That We Are Not Able to Offer Store Credit or Allow An Exchange if the Painting Returned Shows ANY Sign of Use or Damage.

  1. Purchaser expressly agrees to accept all Purchases knowing that, without exception, unless all return instructions outlined above are followed, all original art is final sale and cannot be returned. We insist on strict compliance with the terms of return.

​You understand and agree that, notwithstanding the foregoing, with the List Price Products that fall under the exception of the Section immediately above, there are no returns and, that should no email requesting a return be received from Purchaser be received by US within 72 hours of delivery, All Sales Are Final.

You expressly agree that, under no circumstances are We liable to You, or any third-party, for implementing any of the following actions at any time, for any reason and without notice:

  1. Changing the price of any product;  
     B.  Modifying a listed product; 
  2. Suspending the sale of a listed product; or  
  3. Discontinuing the sale of a listed product.