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We Love Art!

We are a team of experts, curators, art passionate and tech entrepreneurs who believe in the transformative power of art. Our mission is to empower artists worldwide to create and deploy a curated and authenticated Fine Art Collection enriched on the Blockchain.

How It All Started

Denise’s passion project, We Love Art, was created to inspire the world through Painting Courses, Paint & Grape, and Corporate and Private Events. We Love Art has built a global community of art lovers over the years, and we quickly realized that we wanted to give them a platform to share their work with the world. By incorporating Web3 technology and NFTs, we can reach an even larger audience while providing our existing community with tools to monetize their artwork.
Fine Art Sales discovered that many barriers are holding back the current online art community after carefully considering and listening to its customers. We set out to help solve these issues and established the Fine Art Sales. 

Pushing The Boundaries Of Fine Art Sale

We strive to foster the existing art scene helping established artists and emerging talents to give their art an extra dimension on the Blockchain whilst reaching new collectors. By enhancing the dialogue between art lovers, newcomers and connoisseurs, we create an innovative experience within the art practice.
How? Each Web3 futureproofed physical art purchase comes with blockchain ownership, an NFT replica & a personal blockchain video from the Artist to ensure providence.

The Founders


Denise Colwell

CEO, Founder We Love Art

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Shane Colwell

Co Founder We Love Art

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Blockchain Development BitHotel

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Blockchain Development Bithotel

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