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What Is We Love Art Fine Art Sales?

We Love Art Fine Art Sales is a curated Blockchain enabled Fine Art Market for physical & digital Art collectors or investors alike. We integrate all the benefits of the Blockchain with Physical Art Transactions whilst, at the same time, we legitimize the status of NFTs Art Purchases by associating them with Real Art and Artists’s providence videos.

For the same price, each purchase of Physical Art is delivered to collector’s door and futureproofed with multiple addition values:

  • Ownership is registered on the Blockchain
  • An NFT replica goes to the Crypto wallet to futureproof the investment
  • A personalized providence linked video of the artist disclosing their inspiration gets delivered to the Blockchain wallet, providing the story behind each artwork
Is We Love Art Fine Art Sales The Same As We Love Art?

We Love Art Fine Art Sales was founded by the same core team of We Love Art ion 2023, the same year in which we were awarded UAE #1 Art Company becoming the most trusted Art Brand in the Middle East. We are a team of experts, curators, art passionate and tech entrepreneurs who believe in the transformative power of Art and Web3.0. so we can ensure a safe and memorable experience from start to finish.

If you are interested in online painting courses and/or Artboxes, be sure to check out We Love Art for more details.

How Is The We Love Art Fine Art Sales Different From An Online Fine Art Retailer?

We Love Art combines a strong and trusted Art Brand with sophisticated Blockchain development.

For the same price, we offer higher value. 


With no additional costs our is an all-at-one integrated marketplace that enables collectors to purchase original artwork, limited edition NFTs replicas and original signed prints with Blockchain ownership history, security and transparency. 


In addition we are the unique existing platform that allows collectors to connect with artists as each physical and digital asset is associated to a personalized video that further proves the artistry behind whilst also preserving, and conveying, the emotional dimension of art.


Finally, our gallery curated look and feel and sophisticated UX appeals to art lovers, newcomers and Crypto investors equally, unlike most NFT platforms which look too complicated, hence inaccessible, to people unfamiliar with Blockchain technology.


What Is An NFT?

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a digital asset traded via Blockchain technology. It represents real-world commodities, such as art, that can be bought and sold via NFT marketplaces. Each NFT has its own identifying code and metadata, thus it is not replaceable.

What Is A Wallet?

Your wallet is a unique identifier (or address) that is used to send and/or purchase/receive NFTs on our platform and other Crypto Platforms. It is where your funds ($MATIC) are stored and secured on the Polygon Blockchain.

How Do I Create A Wallet?

If you haven't got a Crypto wallet already we will enable you to create it directly on our Platform with MetaMask, one of Web3's most popular and user-friendly wallets. To do so, you’ll just need to sign in with your email account and register. Once done, you will be able to purchase the artworks you love.

What is Polygon?

Polygon is what is known in the blockchain industry as a Layer 2 blockchain protocol. In simplistic terms, Polygon is a blockchain technology built on the Ethereum blockchain allowing developers to take advantage of Ethereum’s network effects while building further tech solutions (dApps) that businesses - such as ours - can leverage.

For more information on Polygon head over to Polygon’s website.

What is a ‘Wallet Address’?

When you are logged into your We Love Art Fine Art Sales account you may see a sequence of (42) numbers and characters beginning with a 0x; this is your wallet’s Public address. This wallet address is used to securely send, receive and store tokens/assets (including NFTs) on the Polygon network.

Can I share my ‘Public Wallet Address’ with other people?

Your Public Wallet Address does not need to be confidential and does not contain any private information that would allow someone else to access your wallet. In simple terms, you can consider your Public Wallet Address to be a username that allows others to send you assets such as tokens or NFTs on the Polygon blockchain network.

Who can see what art I own?

Using We Love Art Fine Art Sales's Gallery feature, anyone can visit your user profile and see what art you own as long as your wallet contains the NFT paintings bought through our platform, or through any other Ethereum-based marketplace.


Where Do I Find Artworks On Sale?

We Love Art Fine Art Sales has made browsing fine art on our marketplace as simple as browsing products on any traditional retailer’s platform. By simply clicking on the “Marketplace” button (top right corner) you will find a selection of paintings you can purchase, together with NFTs replicas and limited edition prints. Our marketplace allows you to sort and/or filter pieces by style, price, sale method, etc., and search for pieces by name or keyword.

When Buying An Artwork, Am I Purchasing An NFT, A Physical Painting, Or Both?

The We Love Art Fine Art Sales is home to both physical and digital paintings from verified artists around the world. On each painting’s page there is a clear indication of whether the work is physical or digital. What’s more is that even in the first case, your piece will have an NFT associated to it that will be transferred to your wallet upon purchase, and can be resold (along with the physical painting if one exists) on our marketplace or other at your discretion.

How Is Artworks’ Quality & Provenance Ensured?

We Love Art curators source the best popular & emerging artists, selection of art that matters. Each artist considered for listing is scored on multiple factors, ranging from education, exhibition history, awards and professional qualifications in order to assess the strength of their practice.


Provenance is further secured once the piece has been tokenized into an NFT not only thanks to Blockchain technology, that automatically - and securely - cryptographically embed NFT ownership, but also by being associated to an exclusive providence video directly from the artist.

Selling Art

What Kinds Of Art Can Be Submitted For Sale?

Currently only paintings by contemporary artists are accepted for sale. 

Can I Sell My Artwork As an NFT Only?

No. We legitimize the value and the status of our NFTs by associating digital art with the correspective physical art piece that is also listed on our marketplace. 

Can I Sell My Painting As An NFT On Multiple Marketplace Platforms?

No.While physical artworks can be sold on multiple platforms, each non-fungible token minted by We Love Art Fine Art Sales is unique and cannot be replicated. Creating multiple NFTs based on the same token is against our Terms Of Service and appropriate action will be taken to resolve attempts such as these.

How Do I Submit My Art?

At the bottom of the “Why Sell” page you will find the submission form that needs to be filled it. if you wish to send us your PDF portfolio, CV, and extra information for our curators to review, contact We will personally respond to each artist, but please note that your application could be unsuccessful, as we ensure that we’re only working with the artists we can help most.

Can I sell my painting as an NFT on multiple marketplace platforms?

No. Each non-fungible token is unique and cannot be replicated. Creating multiple NFTs based on the same token is against our Terms of Service and appropriate action will be taken to resolve attempts such as these.


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping of physical paintings is covered by We Love Art Meta.

Can I use my own carrier for shipment?

You can use your own carrier at your own cost.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver globally.

Where Will My Physical Painting And/Or Print Be Shipped From?

Any purchase will be delivered from the seller’s general location. Note that artworks and prints are generally shipped by different places, hence the shipping time could differ. 

When Will My Physical Painting And/Or Print Be Shipped?

Once the shipping method and pickup time are confirmed with the seller, the delivery will take place. The number of days could vary according to the shipping destination and the artwork location. 

Can I Change My Delivery Address?

You may only change your delivery address before shipping has been confirmed with the seller. Any additional info with respect to the delivery, should be provided burning the purchase process.

How Can I Track My Order?

A tracking number will be provided to track the order while it is in transit.

What Do I Do If Something Goes Wrong With The Artwork I’ve Purchased?

In the unfortunate case you get the wrong painting, please contact with information and pictures about the package you received. in case it is damaged, contact and we will follow up with the relevant carrier to find the best solution possible for you and your Art.

How and when do I receive my NFT after purchasing a painting on the We Love Art: Fine Art Sales?

You will immediately receive the NFT version of the painting in your wallet. Transactions on the Polygon blockchain are typically almost instantaneous but can be subject to some variance.


What is your Returns Policy?


What is your Returns Policy?


How can I track my return(s)?


Have any questions, comments, or concerns? Please reach out on our website, email,  or social media. We are always happy to help!