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Sync, 2014
Colin McCallum
150 x 150 cm

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  1. Please note that as per standard auction norms and as per our guidelines, buyer’s bid offer in USD equivalent of MATIC coin is held in an escrow account.
  2. Buyer’s money will be returned to your wallet immediately. You can use this to either cash out into USD or to
  3. The coin will be held in escrow until the physical painting reaches your address, whereafter it will be released to the Artist. In case of NFT replicas only or Limited Edition Prints the coin will be removed from the escrow immediately.
  4. Your offer will be held in escrow until that point and then released to the Artist once the art reaches your delivery address. In any low likelihood scenario where the Artist accepts your offer and the art takes too long to reach you beyond our rules and regulations, you will be refunded the offer from the escrow.